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Mr Parnell's own words about the ludicrous assault with a sneeze charge

Town Hall ProtesterPosted by Sheila Oliver Sun, August 23, 2015 19:40:03

The corrupt Stockport LibDems knew there had been no assault with a sneeze. They had the CCTV of the incident which they refused to allow at the trial of Mr Parnell RIP:-

Crown Court Appeal

Manchester Crown Court

Minshull Street


Appeal against conviction contrary to

Section 39 Criminal Justice Act 1988

Common assault by sneezing

Innocent by plea as to the allegation

Case appealed in the interest of justice

As to being disputed in not proved beyond reasonable doubt to all submitted evidence


contrary to

Section 39 Criminal Justice Act 1988

Common assault by sneezing

10th July 2009

Stockport Magistrates Court

Edward Street


I Michael Stewart Parnell appeal the decision made against me to the allegation of common assault by sneezing with intention to spread a cold to another

As contrary to section 39 criminal Justice Act 1988

The reason for this Appeal is in the interest of Justice and to preserve that right and for the Justice system not to be abused by those that divert the course of fair justice

In this appeal I will show that an injustice has been done either by or toward myself from others with their intent to harm

My main reason of this Appeal is

I am innocent of all allegations made against me and I will stay true to Justice and uphold the Queens peace with honour

I pride myself that I respect the law and will stay strong to that and not commit any offences against any person

How do I intend to show I am innocent

well firstly I give my word

I Michael Stewart Parnell

Do solemnly swear that I tell the truth to my oath towards myself that I will always be truly honest in that which I say and do

I Michael Stewart Parnell have not sneezed on or towards any person and have not in any way intentionally or recklessly sneezed or blown my nose on any person to cause them any harm alarm concerns or distress

I have always conducted myself in ways that respects all people politely and with dignity I am courteous towards all other peoples needs and if I can will always help out and I receive gratification from their thanks as my rewards people respect me for what I do this is what I valve as a good quality

I pride myself of being of good character that is approved by others and my life has been served to that of helping others which I do enjoy and get my rewards by doing

Why are allegations made against me

I believe there are those whose own wrongdoing puts them to accountability and their diversions are in their attempts the ways to discredit the way in which I pursue dealing with those issues

Many people and also police officers have commented that I have conducted myself exemplary and I am the most peaceful protester they have ever come across and they complement me on how I behave

The issues with the other parties are statutory in duty and in their failings not to deal with those issues they have resorted to criminal acts in their attempts to divert the courts from their true purpose as to enforce the laws and regulations in the UK

False allegations only serve one purpose they damage hurt those they are directed towards to discredit our freedom of rights

In this appeal what are the false allegation disputed and by who were they fabricated and how do I prove they acted maliciously

The allegation of the sneeze with the intension to spread a cold that which was brought about after the failing that previous allegations failed to have me moved away on that day because I was not committing any crime allegations must be fabricated if the one making the allegations knows of a crime before it is apparent and suggests thats what will happen before it does

Allegation of a sneeze was made by the two security guards now known to me as Mr Francis Craughwell

Mr Stephen Duggan

The false allegations are made to the police by that which is now written in the security guards witness statements and also the MP3 and video recordings that have been gathered to support the detection and prosecution of crime

How can I say that the allegations made are false

The sneeze or the exhaling under force down what is alleged to be my right nostril did not and could or would have happened by me, if those making these allegations could imagine this would happen from me then in their minds they are capable of fabricating such an allegation because the possible outcome might be to serve their satisfaction to discredit my cause and get rid of me once and for all, and is as stated by the security guards to something that they are working towards

The security guards disrespect for the law and their comments on tape stating that should be brought before court as their bad character along with their other unlawfulness and many attacks on my person under the pretence that they can get away with it only because they are part of the big organisation and the one individual cant take on those who have millions behind them

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Email sent to the Lords Appointments Committee

Town Hall ProtesterPosted by Sheila Oliver Sun, August 16, 2015 08:37:49

Email sent to Lords Appointments Committee - 15/8/1508.30

Dear Sirs

I learn with genuine concern that Sir Andrew Stunell may be in the running for a peerage. He was complicit in the bullying to death of sick, innocent Mr Parnell aged just 58, who only asked Stockport Council for counselling for his lovely, troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council.

Also, as a junior minister at DCLG I provided him with evidence of planning fraud and corruption by his political cohorts at Stockport, yet he was wilfully blind to this.

I am happy to supply you with detailed evidence. This man is definitely unsuitable for such a position and should he be granted a peerage, I will make sure all this evidence is widely published across the Internet.

Kind regards

Yours faithfully

Sheila Oliver

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Public inquiry into deaths in police custody - Cheadle Heath Police Station

Town Hall ProtesterPosted by Sheila Oliver Sun, August 02, 2015 11:12:43

Email sent - 2nd August 2015 08.58

Dear Home Secretary

I wish to submit evidence to the deaths in police custody inquiry.

This is concerning Cheadle Heath Police Station at Stockport where two people have died in custody as I understand it.

Mr Michael Stuart Parnell RIP – a man Inspector Clitherow of Stockport Police has admitted in writing was completely innocent – was repeatedly held in custody at Cheadle Heath . The experiences terrified him and he attempted suicide there. He did not die there – he died sometime later aged just 58.

You might want to have a look at which police officers were on duty this night and see if they were on duty the other times people died in custody.

Mr Parnell was used to death threats, beatings, offensive language and other threats on a daily basis in his dealings with Stockport Council. Video evidence below:-

Mr Parnell was used to being set up, arrested and imprisoned for offences/crimes that hadn’t taken place:

On this occasion below Mr Parnell was sent to prison for an offence that Stockport Council, Stockport Police, Stockport CPS and Stockport Magistrates Court knew hadn’t taken place. They had CCTV to prove it hadn’t taken place but that was not allowed to be shown at his original trial. It was later shown at his three day Manchester Crown Court appeal and he was acquitted of the ludicrous offence of assault with a sneeze:

Absolutely nothing happened – no assault – nothing.

Mr Parnell was sent to prison for this offence – a very sick man. His council protest was in trying to get counselling help for his lovely, troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council. The prisoners at Forest Bank knew his case involved children and because he was such a sick man he was taken straight to the prison hospital. The other prisoners believed him to be a paedophile and he was treated accordingly. In time the other prisoners came to like and respect him, as did the prison officers, and believe in his innocence. They thought the councillors, senior council officers, senior police and CPS officials were scum, and who can argue with that interpretation?

Mr Parnell was finally released due to his ill health but had to endure two years 8am to 8pm house arrest. He couldn’t even attend his dentist. He was banned from entering the centre of the town, wasn’t allowed to attend medical appointments:

These are just some of his custodies and arrests – a man admitted by Inspector Clitherow to have been completely innocent:,-arrests,-imprisonment.html

Mr Parnell just wanted counselling for his lovely daughters who had had a terrible time with their birth parents. A simple request. One of the girls had the wrong details on her birth documents so if he took her to A & E she didn’t exist. After 10 years of being ignored by Stockport Council (it is how they operate) he decided to stand on the Town Hall steps until someone helped him. He continued to be ignored until Dave Goddard became leader – a man named under Parliamentary Privilege as a cohort of a notorious gangster by Andrew Bennett MP. The gangster was Douggie Flood, a member of the Manchester Quality Street Gang. Mr Flood’s family in a court case over his estate admitted that their father had indeed been a gangster.

When Goddard became Leader the vicious treatment of Mr Parnell began. Can’t we stop him protesting he is stated as saying in the Council Log:-

Mr Parnell attended every council meeting when he was not in custody or in prison to beg for help for his family. Their only response was to arrest him for things like trying to leave a council meeting early or using the town hall loo. I can proved he attended these meetings to beg for help and Stockport Council had a legal duty to provide it to him:

In addition, I was writing to the Council every day to beg them to stop this treatment of a sick, innocent man who was only asking for his legal right to counselling for his children. The corrupt council officer tasked with sorting out his problem and who did nothing reported me to the Information Commission for nuisance contact with the Council. I offered to work on Mr Parnell’s behalf to sort out his simple problem but they refused to let me. His local MP, a useless man at the best of times, refused to challenge the actions of his political cohorts.

How did Councillor Goddard, on the Police Authority, get to waste possible 1000s of police man hours on a personal vendetta against an innocent man he had a legal duty to help and he was paid to help. He has now been elevated to the Peerage, yet Nick Clegg was fully informed of what he had been up to. How can such a lawbreaker have been elevated to the position of lawmaker? Would we have such a terrible situation in Manchester currently in gun crime etc if Fahy had used those valuable resources to tackle crime instead of acting as henchman for his ?Masonic chum Goddard?

After Mr Parnell’s acquittal they continued their vicious treatment of him unabated. When I hounded the Chief Constable Fahy about the waste of police time, eventually he stopped arresting Mr Parnell but he allowed the police to continue to attend the ludicrous council call-outs. It will be a good day for the people of Greater Manchester when he leaves. When they could no longer have him arrested, the Council falsified council tax arrears and continued to hound him that way with constant court cases and, again, it will be a good day for Stockport when our Magistrates Court closes, as then grubby and corrupt local politicians won’t be able to use the courts as their henchmen. The Council even hounded him whilst terminally ill in Intensive Care over £24 he didn’t own in the full knowledge of the seriousness of his condition.

So, although Mr Parnell didn’t die in police custody at Cheadle Heath, he did attempt suicide there and of all the terrible things that happened to him done by corrupt-at-the-top Stockport Council, being in custody at Cheadle Heath Police Station scared him the most.

Yours sincerely

Sheila Oliver

c.c. to Tim Farron LibDem Leader 2/8/15 08.58, although he had been informed of this dozens of times previously and took no action.

Tim Farron received this email. Will he finally take action and expel Stunell, Goddard, Derbyshire, Pantall, Candler, Meikle, Roberts, Derbyshire et al from his party? Only if he is an honest man.

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Security guard happy slaps a manager. Stockport Council run by cowboys

Town Hall ProtesterPosted by Sheila Oliver Fri, July 31, 2015 20:37:16

These vicious security guards were allowed by corrupt Roberts, Derbyshire, Goddard et al to continue to make false allegations about Mr Parnell until he died, even though they had been found to have committed perjury at his Crown Court Appeal.

Corrupt and vicious LibDem run Stockport Council.

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CCTV proving his innocence not allowed to be shown at his trial

Town Hall ProtesterPosted by Sheila Oliver Fri, July 31, 2015 06:43:09

This is the Stockport Council CCTV of the ludicrous alleged assault with a sneeze of which Mr Parnell was accused, found guilty and sent to prison. At a three day Manchester Crown Court appeal when this CTV footage was finally shown and the Stockport Council guards were proved to have threatened him and committed perjury Mr Parnell was acquitted.

My question for corruptly vicious Stockport Council is why wasn't this CCTV footage allowed to be shown at Mr Parnell's original trial. Corruptly vicious at the top Stockport Council had this footage, knew no assault had taken place and Mr Parnell begged the Council, Police, CPS to have it shown at his trial. It wasn't

I can only assume there is Masonic linkage between then Leader, Lord Goddard, the Stockport CPS, the Stockport Police and the Stockport Magistrate's Court (now due to close thank goodness).

There must have been a conspiracy to dispose of a chap who had the audacity to ask corrupt Lord Goddard for counselling for his lovely, then troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council.

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Kick the Slovakian football supporters heads in. Stockport Council security guards

Town Hall ProtesterPosted by Sheila Oliver Wed, July 29, 2015 19:36:46

These Stockport Council security guards were allowed to continue to make false allegations against Mr Parnell until he died aged just 58. The LibDem Executive Councillors were informed of exactly what was going on but just sneered.

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"If I beat you up.."

Town Hall ProtesterPosted by Sheila Oliver Mon, July 27, 2015 05:58:22

The daily threats and abuse Mr Parnell RIP was subjected to by Stockport Council in the full knowledge of the LibDem Executive Councillors, who just sneered and carried on having him arrested/taken to court until he died.

Then Leader Goddard, Deputy Leader Derbyshire, Council Solicitor Barry Khan, all the LibDem Executive Councillors, Andrew Webb, Head of Children's Services, Anwar Majothi, the Council's Don't Bring Your Complaints to Me Manger - why didn't they simply help Mr Parnell with his request for counselling help for his lovely, at that time troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council? Why didn't they let me act on his behalf to stop these confrontations?

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How Mr Parnell was treated by Stockport Council under Goddard

Town Hall ProtesterPosted by Sheila Oliver Mon, July 27, 2015 05:38:12

Youtube video of Mr Parnell RIP being called a piece of sh*t by the Stockport Council security guards who falsely accused him of an assault with a sneeze for which he went to prison, but was acquitted in a three day Crown Court Appeal when the security guards were found to have committed perjury by the judge.

After his acquittal these same security guards were allowed to continue making false allegations against him for which he was repeatedly arrested.

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