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Action needs to be taken today

Polluted LandPosted by Sheila Oliver Sun, May 01, 2016 07:28:44
Condoms, excrement and full sanitary towels being discharged untreated into Micker Brook.

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Secretary of State response re Adswood Tip Housing proposal

Polluted LandPosted by Sheila Oliver Thu, April 21, 2016 08:22:16

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Email to Healthy Rivers Trust from well-informed local resident

Polluted LandPosted by Sheila Oliver Tue, April 19, 2016 08:22:43
Email sent - 15 April 2016

Subject: Misconnections in Cheadle Hulme

Dear HRT,

I comment around the disgraceful condition of Micker Brook and tributaries as follows;

I'm aware and have already spoken at length with Caroline Riley around tests done 14/11/14 and have spoken with public health at SMBC. I'm monitoring visible sewerage toilet products which appear on each heavy rainfall and in my view are coming from the sewer overflow at Ladybridge Rd.

Three years ago I walked the two combined sewers there on (both now pumped to increase flow it seems) opening manholes. Flow rates on a hot dry day were alarmingly at 70% rather than the 19/20% I understood from engineer were expected. Certainly the estate sewer in my garden bears evidence of high flow rates preventing exit to trunk sewer and suspended solids dropping to base blocking the chambers here and upline.

Certainly the sheer amount of filth present on strand line of river suggests regular overflow is occurring. Similarly holding tanks are possibly engaged therein as tankers have been reported on 7 arches vicinity. In 26 years local residency I've never seen it so bad as currently presents and heavy rainfall in my view is leading to activation of overflows as sewers are inadequate.

Persimmon Homes are expecting to build many homes at Midland Rd tip land already subject to 2 Sec of State enquiries due to pollution and UU have refused to accept surface water to sewer it being so polluted. Chemicals filth and substances are therefore freely draining to the culvert exiting at Warwick bridge with an expectation of greater increased flow as sustainable drainage from tips area isn't allowed, rather they must limit all water carrying leachate.

I attach a link to the SOS outcomes and refer you specifically to sections 59 to 65 and 89 to 94 where any suggestion this isn't real is eliminated. Furthermore in the absence of sewers on the tipped land a septic tank is operating under licence from UU at brickworks land. Over ten years ago tip leachate was found at 135 times accepted for drinking water standards in the aquifer therein supplying local boreholes metered by UU and 25% of UK supplies. What efforts have been made to protect public health since that report of August 2006?

I submit therefore the filth obvious and leachate not so, are not new problems and due to Riparian responsibilities arising from Water Act 2010 HRT has been drafted in due to detections within River Mersey purely as a defence mechanism should any successful prosecutions arise so the founders are seen to be tackling the problem. That alone hasn't solved the ongoing problems however.

What progress has been made since your multiple testing 14th November 2014 please? Have you examined, reported upon and worked either alone or in collaboration around filth in Micker Brook and tributaries,Chorlton Brook and tributaries, River Mersey from storm overflows and tipped areas? Can I please make an appointment to view the methodology and findings therein?

To perhaps assist further I attach recent shots of debris and a link to Sec of State matters around tip. Thank you for trying to make a difference in our environment and I look forward to hearing further from you.

Best wishes


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Stockport Flooding Consultation (keep it quiet)

Polluted LandPosted by Sheila Oliver Thu, March 31, 2016 19:59:53

There's been little publicity around this, yet public consultation apparently closes Friday, 1st April.

Stockport Council seems to be far more interested in flooding on the east of the town, as it attracts more grant funding due to areas declared as priority i.e., much deprivation.

Those in flood zones 2 and 3 ( 1 being very low risk) face home insurers are racking up insurance due to possibility of flooding.

Another suggestion was there are many culverts about which SMBC don't have records, and unless they are mapped properly, never mind toxic dumps, there could be others yet to be revealed. It's too late when major events occur. A common feature of dumping is a stream nearby so it can 'disappear'.

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Main River Map

Polluted LandPosted by Sheila Oliver Thu, March 31, 2016 19:52:10

The Environment Agency has overall responsibility, which is in addition to the riparian landowners whose land the filth traverses.

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Arley Report

Polluted LandPosted by Sheila Oliver Thu, March 31, 2016 19:43:52

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SMBC flooding consultation - relevant for polluted land

Polluted LandPosted by Sheila Oliver Sat, March 26, 2016 07:36:31

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Persimmon Homes have 6 months to appeal

Polluted LandPosted by Sheila Oliver Fri, March 25, 2016 13:35:30
Persimmon Homes have 6 months to appeal the decision:

The corrupt Stockport LibDems passed an application for a new primary school on the sister, still gassing former toxic waste dump at North Reddish, from which the brown asbestos has not been removed, on the nod.

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