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Maybe Weldon will apologise to me now

Vale View SchoolPosted by Sheila Oliver Mon, September 21, 2015 19:00:49

Dear Mrs Oliver,

I note yet again you have not answered any of my questions.


Mark Weldon

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Subject: Re: Harcourt Street, Stockport proposed school - dangerous site

Dear Councillor Weldon

I will go through it again.

Mr. Dunn attended a public meeting. The gentlemen from Viridor and GMWDA raised the issue of Adswood Tip. We the public were asked whether we had any questions. I did, but not relevant to SHAC, so I asked them outside the meeting. I as a taxpayer pay Mr. Dunn's wages, so I presume I am entitled to ask him questions.

I did not identify the site, as I did not think Mr. Dunn would know it. I merely stated it was a former Jackson's Brickworks clay pit infilled with rubbish - a sister site to Adswood Tip. Mr. Dunn stated that very careful site investigations would need to be carried out (the gentleman from Viridor confirmed this). This would actually be obvious to anyone with the exception of Stockport Council. This is a school for goodness sake! Mr. Dunn then gave me his card.

I merely stated to the Secretary of State that Mr. Dunn had stated very careful investigations would need to be carried out. I also mentioned that I didn't think that GMGU was qualified to carry this work out. I cc Mr. Dunn so if he disagreed with what I was saying he had the opportunity to refute it.

What this exchange of emails is showing is that you really have no interest in the danger posed to local children from the inadequate site investigations (not what was promised by the Executive) and the recent dangers highlighted at a similar site.

Sheila X

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Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 9:57 PM

Subject: RE: Harcourt Street, Stockport proposed school - dangerous site

Dear Mrs Oliver,

I note that you have not answered any of the questions as to your use of Mr Dunn's position as Executive Director GMWDA. I await your considered reply.

Kind Regards,

Mark Weldon

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